The Big Day Out 2012 iPhone app

I was at the Sydney leg of the Big Day Out on Australia Day. The Big Day Out is a travelling music festival covering Australia & New Zealand. This year featuring the likes of Kanye West, Soundgarden, Kasbian & many many more. January 26 is Australia Day for people who not familiar with the Australian holiday calendar. The great advantage of this iPhone app was to create my own schedule of music to enjoy for the day. Helpful to read the only the acts of interest. There were links as well with profiles of the acts as well. The map feature was there to help me from point A to point B. it was only useful to the day before the Sydney Big Day Out. The major disappointment there was a last minute upgrade to update details. It was quite a shame by the time I was there on the day I had no access to the map on this app. In the end, relying on a piece of paper from the local music press. In the end, my rating is 3 out of 5.


Apps from Decade Dusk Pty Ltd

I have decided at Petesmusic blog to diversify into the area of technology. This is my first blog in this very area. I am reviewing three different apps that are available on the Australian iTunes Store. I did a search on iTunes with the keyword Triple J & I found an interesting app called J Finder.Triple J is the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s National Youth Network. J Finder finds in your local area the frequencies for Triple J. It works online & offline as well. It is available for the iPhone. The app was not too expensive either for 99 cents. After getting the J Finder, I was interested in finding out other apps by a company called Decade Dusk Pty Ltd. Their support link goes to their Facebook page. It gives background information about this company. I found out as well that Decade Dusk Pty Ltd makes two other apps called RadioHere & Radio America. I decided to give RadioHere a try as well. This app is to do with Australian radio frequencies. It does give you all the frequencies for all local radio stations. As well, you can find all frequencies for all Australian radio frequencies. I live in Sydney, Australia where I can all Sydney radio frequencies. I was on holiday in outer suburban Brisbane. It was quite handy as I had a friend listening to regional radio stations. It gave me the name, frequency & the area where the radio stations were operating from. Decade Dusk Pty Ltd do another app with information for all American radio stations. I haven’t tried it yet. It is the American equivalent of the RadioHere. If I ever go to the United States, it should come in handy. All these follow apps I have reviewed, I do highly recommend. Good value & a very good quality. You won’t be disappointed.

P.S. : Above the screen shots from iTunes of the apps that I have reviewed. I was no way paid to review the apps & don’t work for Decade Dusk Pty Ltd.