Apple wants to get into music streaming


Image courtesy of the Apple website.

The announcement of Apple getting to be in the streaming music business is soon going to be a reality. Buying music from iTunes as music downloads as being there main business for a number of years. Apple Music is the streaming product that marks their expansion to the music industry. A number of others such as Spotify, Google Play Music All Access and Tidal are ready for subscription at present. Apple Music according to the Apple website are promising a trial subscription for three months. I recently switched from using the iPhone to an Android. My newest phone is the Samsung Galaxy S5. I am still an user of iTunes. After reading the advertisement, I do feel that I should give Apple Music a try when it is released. I am currently a paid subscriber to Spotify. It is interesting where my subscription payments will go in the future. I do hope Apple Music will give the music industry a shot in the arm that it really deserves.
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NOTE: Hi to the other bloggers out there. This is not an advertisement. I am not employed by Apple. A little out of touch with the blogging world for now. Love to look at some of the exciting blogs out there. Bye for now.

Goyte has the number one single in the Billboard Charts

This week, Goyte holds the number one position in the Billboard US Singles Charts with “Someone That I Used To Know”. This duet with Kimbra is the first Australian act to have a number one US hit in the 21st century. He is no overnight sensation as it took over a decade to get to this position. This very track is from his third album “Making Mirrors”. The video clip to the “Someone I Used To Know” has had over 167 million views on You Tube. If you haven’t seen the video yet, the link is Happy Viewing. 


Ways to buy recorded music

There are so many ways to buy recorded music. The internet has expanded the avenues associated with buying recorded music.

1. Going to a music retailer is more the traditional way. Buying the physical CD or vinyl. Face to face contact with the customer service person is a part of the experience. Chains like JB Hi-Fi, Sanity, HMV etc to the independent music retailers.

2. Buying from music retailers online. Many physical retailers are online as well. Even retailers that don’t have a physical store trade online. Amazon is an online success story where there is no physical store.

3. Downloading a track to an album. The digital download through where a file or files can be purchased instead of buying the CD or vinyl. The most popular store is the iTunes Store where music is stored on devices like portable music players, smartphones, tablet computers or computers.

4. Subscribing to a music streaming site. Sites like Spotify, Rdio, Songl & Pandora store all the music on the website. Prices vary & do your research on which ones suit you. Can play on computers, tablet computers & smartphones (optional). No need to purchase the tracks. The rental option is there as long you keep subscribing. Australian music & electrical retailer JB Hi-Fi as well have entered in this very area.

Here the ways to pay for recorded music. You never know what you will discover from buying the next CD or going to Spotify to find a piece of music that you might like. Happy listening.

Pete’s Blog on Music Appreciation

Hello this is my first blog on music. I find a lot of people want to get into a music scene without evening hearing much of any music in the first place. These days I listen to various kinds of music I am proud of it. This is the reason I enjoy listening to music. I listen to music for the music. It is very important before you judge an artist of their music. It is very important that you have listened to a song or a collection of songs. At least, you will know what you are talking about. I have known people saying bad things about a song or an album without hearing the source of the criticism. This is not a good ground for criticising that particular act’s work. To listen first before making any judgements is really the essence of judging music. To really appreciate music, do your research and you will go far.