Not NBN Ready Yet

foxteliqhdThe Australian NBN is coming to my neighbourhood. The NBN is short for the National Broadband Network which is an Australian Government Business Enterprise. I have looked the at the NBN website & the rollout in my neighbourhood is in May to June 2017. It could be in time or it might be delayed. This NBN is about the having the latest technology related to the landline telephone, broadband internet & pay TV. There are a number of technologies involved depending where you live in Australia. I currently have a landline telephone, broadband internet & pay TV. I use the older cable technology in the meantime. I am happy using it. I live in the inner western suburbs of Sydney in Australia.

I have got good news with Optus TV featuring Foxtel. The sports pack stayed at $25. It did not go up in price at all. Good on you Optus. This deal however will only last to the NBN switchover. If I really want Foxtel in the future. Have to contact Foxtel. With their cable service, the base entertainment, sports & high definition version of these channels. I am proven right of hitting well over the 60 Australian dollar mark for a month. Not including a set top box tax & installation fee. Only a $50 discount. Dreadfully overpriced I afraid. Not worth the trouble & not worth the money. Getting Foxtel Play is a better bet if really want Foxtel in the future with live & catch up TV application for online viewing. The prices are more reasonable as well. Can view this application via a number of devices. Can put the application on the laptop & connect a cable to the TV set.

I am an Optus customer. With the NBN ready offer, they don’t offer Foxtel. They have joined forces with budget pay TV outfit Fetch like number of other Australian telecommunication businesses. Their brand name is “Yes TV by Fetch”. Their NBN ready offer is a new modem for NBN broadband, a phone with choice of pay for phone use or a phone pack & of course, their Fetch TV pack. No point buying a Fetch box at JB Hi-Fi when Optus will give it away for me if I really want it. For the time with TV, enjoying watching Foxtel provided by Optus with this old relic of set top box which will be an antique piece very soon. This photo above will be handy for any memories down the track of the way I used to watch TV.

My First Adelaide Holiday

I spent the last days of September 2012 & the first day of October 2012 on holidays in Adelaide, Australia. I hail from Sydney, Australia. I have being to big cities in Europe & the United States. This was a good chance to see more of Australia. It is spring time here in Australia. It was going to be warmer than the southern winter. I was proved wrong to be very winter like. I went there with my winter luggage by observing the forecasts on the internet. I stayed at the Hilton Adelaide. It was located in Victoria Square close by at a light rail stop. There is only one light rail line in Adelaide from the Adelaide Entertainment Centre to Glenelg. I did spend majority of time in the city centre. I went to Rundle Mall, Adelaide Casino, Art Gallery of South Australia & the State Library of South Australia. These are famous Adelaide landmarks. I went to the bayside suburb of Glenelg. It was too cold for a swim. I took some photos on this occasion. I am usually too shy to do so. I had a good time on my first Adelaide holiday.

A new blog

Darling harbour sydney showing harbourside
Darling harbour sydney showing harbourside (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Petesmusic’s Blog will continue as usual. I have started a new blog called “The Indie Aspie” which is coming soon. The address is

The next post on Petesmusic’s Blog is about CEBIT 2012 which is on May 22-24 at Sydney’s Darling Harbour in Australia’s largest city.

Till then, bye for now.

Correction it is

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